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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

GG Kick off Meeting Minutes

Guerilla Gardening Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date – April 5

1) Summary of GG
2) Call for Regional volunteers
3) New ideas
4) Planting Dates
5) Funding Update
6) Spots
7) Other business

1) Summary of GG
Andy very aptly provided a description of GG, why we do it, when we do it, where we do it.
Terry added some information on seed bombs.

2) Call for Regional Coordinators

 Eric – West end – (boundaries are loosely west of bathurst, south of bloor)
Steph – East End - (boundaries are loosely east of the DVP, south of Danforth)
Li – Downtown – (boundaries are loosely between the DVP and bathurst, south of bloor)
Ewan – Uptown - (anywhere north of bloor/danforth)
“Lord” – Bulb Planting coordinator –  (The city is your oyster)

3) May 1st – Plant Sunflowers

Action Items
- Send communication out with sample of the types of grates we are looking for (Katherine, Eric)
o About ¾ feet deep
o Open
o Sunny street (not blocked by big buildings)
o Suggestions can be emailed to – including a picture and the corner the grate is located on, would helpful
- Get soil (Terry)
- Get Sunflower seeds (Terry and everyone)

April 28th - Craft Day
- We have decided that we’ll make three things this year in addition to our regular plantings
o Pop bottle greenhouses

o Googly eyes
When we go out to put up the pop bottle greenhouses and our regular plantings we’ll put some googly eyes on plants that are already up

o Fences
Last year we made fences that we used in a number of our plantings. Our supply is delepeted and we have some lessons learned for the new year so we’ll make some new fences for this year’s plantings
o Also – we need more Little signs
Our supply of little signs are depleted so we need to make new ones to put into our gardens
- We’ll all get together at the 519 Community Centre and have three stations (communication will be sent soon)
- People can join as the wish

Action Items
- Bring bottles (Everyone)
    o 2 L pop bottles, juice bottles, even orange juice cartons
- Fence supplied (Ewan and Eric)
- Little sign making supplies (Andy)
- Paint and other supplies (Terry will try and find them or purchase new ones)

4) Event  / Planting Dates

           April 28 – Craft day
           May 1 – Sunflower planting day
           May 26 - West End planting
           June 1 or 2 (TBD) - Downtown Planting
           June 6 - East End Planting
           June 10  - Garden Refresh (also North by Northeast)
           June 15 - Uptown
           June 21 - Summer Solstice Night Planting
           Sept 21 - Bulb Planting

5) Funding Update
We still have 620$ from the Awesome Foundation (THANK YOU THANK YOU again Awesome Foundation) so we have lots of money to spend this summer.  If the coordinators want anything specific for their plantings just send Terry a note of what you need and Terry will make sure and pick it up

6) Spots
o Should be in a busy area – we like to be noticed
o be on public land – sometimes we’ll plant on private land or land we can’t identify as public or private as long as it’s in a publicly used space
o have ok soil - makes it easier on us the day of the planting
o is close to your house or where you spend time – so you can water it and care for it a little during the summer
o have some shade – or else the little plants will fry
o needs sprucing up - no sense building a garden someplace that’s already taken care of

 If you have any suggestions for spots please contact the coordinator for that area or Terry!

7) Other business
Statues – Terry will contact her parent’s neighbours to see if they are willing to help with creating some statues for our gardens this year
Sheridan Nurseries – Eric will contact them to see about donations this year.

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