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Friday, June 17, 2011

TUESDAY: Last Planting of the Season

We are excited to announce our LAST PLANTING OF THE SEASON.

When: Tuesday June 21 (Summer Solstice), 2011 6:30pm.  After we are done (probably around 8:30) we'll have celebratory drinks at a local bar.

Where: This is the super exciting thing - we are going to do TWO spots because they both need a lot of help and are close by.

Spot #1

We'll meet just east of the corner of Spadina and Darcy.

Here is a good picture of why we need to attack this spot: Wow that's horrible... so obviously we need as much help as we can get.

What we'll do: First we'll do a bit of "housecleaning." We've been scoping out the spot for a while and there is a lot of garbage to pick up.

Next we will do some weeding and flip some soil. Prep is the hard work, so once that is done, we'll start the fun stuff: PLANTING!

Spot #2

We are going to put some plants in these planters that Terry's dad made [thanks Terry's dad!] at Spadina & Sullivan (

We have 4 sets of a tall ones and short ones which we are going to transport and fill for our second installment of the Summer Solstice plant.

Seriously... we are sooooo excited.

What to bring:

Anything on this list --

- soil
- gardening gloves to use or share (a must have for this site)
- a scythe or hedge clippers
- plants (must be sun loving since there isn't much shade)
 --- annuals would be great for the planters (something "hangy" that likes sun)
- water, water and more WATER!
- a little garden fence, something like these pics below

Who: We really need you this time since this is a big job.

Come out after work and enjoy the city. Pass this on to friends who might be in the neighbourhood even just to drop by for moral support. WE NEED HELP WITH THIS ONE!! and it's going to be a beautiful afternoon/evening so please join us!



We have been approached by Spacing Toronto who would love to write a story about what we do, why we do it and the difference we're making in Toronto. If you're interested in contributing your thoughts on the subject, please let us know asap by emailing katherine [at] guerillagardening [dot] ca. Confidentiality and discretion will be respected and you can remain anonymous if you like.


Sometimes, when we are lucky, we run into flowers and plants that are being, literally, thrown away. In two cases this summer, we were informed of the demolition of houses with beautiful gardens. We (mostly Laurie) was able to persuade the workers at the site to let us take as much as we could before starting their work. We are in the midst of contacting another contractor for the same reason. If you see anything like this, let us know, or ask yourself if you can reclaim the plants.


As mentioned in our last post, the Catalyst Centre is holding a talk on activism June 23rd and the Guerilla Gardeners are taking part.


We were also lucky enough to get a table at the Grange Festival on August 5th.
Come down to Queen and McCaul on the south side of the AGO between noon and 4pm to take part.


The season is almost over and the best way to keep up to date on what the Guerilla Gardeners are doing in the off season is to connect with us online:

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Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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