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Thursday, June 9, 2011

THIS WEEKEND: West End Plant

It feels like summer is already here and there are only a couple of short weeks left in our 2011 planting season! If you've been thinking of joining us, now's the time to get your hands dirty. Next up is our West End Planting happening this weekend.

[UPDATED with more info!]

WHAT: Our next planting session, on the West side of the city.

WHEN: This Sunday June 12th at 2:00pm sharp.

WHERE: Meet at the northeast corner of Sunnyside and Queensway. Just east of Saint Joseph's Hospital.


The space is big so we'll probably only do a section. We'll need some heavy duty tools. I have lots of shoves but if you have a pick axe or other ground breaking tools please bring them

The soil in this area is probably highly compact soooo we'll also need soil. If you can bring a bag of topsoil or triple mix it will help our plants thrive.

Mulch or wood chips - a couple bags will do.

Finally and, of course, most importantly, we'll need plants. There appears to be some growth here already so we can move some stuff around. We could use some perennials and colourful annuals to fill in the garden.


By now garden centres are likely getting rid of plants they have that are looking old and can't be sold. Drop in to your local garden centre and ask them if they have anything to donate.

There are also huge discounts right now on plants in many garden centres. Please bring a plant or two to the event and we can put them in the ground.


Anyone with a HUGE private garden??? We really need your help this time! We are looking for donations that can be dropped off at the planting location on the day of the plant. Email to let me know if you have anything to contribute and THANK YOU for considering us.

Terry is out of town from now until later Saturday night so pick ups can't be arranged, but if you can drop them off at Terry's place or at the planting on Sunday we will plant them in your honour!!

Email to let her know if you have anything to donate!

Thanks and hope to see you Sunday!

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