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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Before and After - Queen East and McGee

The corner of Queen and McGee on a rainy Sunday afternoon - Looking sad and neglected.
It was a rough little patch... probably CN Land since it is part of the slope off the rails
Filled with weeds, sticks and garbage. The Avro picked the spot, since they are in the neighbourhood they had been staring at the spot for a long time wishing that it was more beautiful.
So together with supporters of the Avro, the Guerilla Gardeners transformed the space into a pretty serious garden in only two hours.

A is for Avro!!! Do you see it?

And afterward we all went to the Avro for a beer and some sandwiches (Thanks Rachel) and our resident former-graffiti artist, Andy, left a message on the chalk board thanking the community for their support.

One garden down - 3 (or 4) to go... YEAH!!!

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