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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 Season Kick Off Meeting

Well, even though today doesn't feel like it, spring has sprung.
That means it's time to start planning the 2011 planting season. According to the almanac we could start planting as early as May 9th.

The kick off meeting will be around the beginning of April so here's what you can do to prepare:
1) Think about who we can approach for donations
We'll need donations of flowers, seeds, equipment and $$ these things
In past years we've asked small retailers, home depots, growers etc
BIAs might be willing to donate

2) Keep your eyes peeled for places we can plant our 2011 gardens
We'll need one location in each of these four areas:
- North of Bloor between the DVP and Keele (considered North District)
- South of Bloor West of Spadina (considered West District)
- South of Danforth East of the DVP (considered East District)
- South of Bloor/Danforth between Spadina and the DVP (considered Downtown)

3) Find a location for SEED BOMBING!!
It should be some place where we can throw the bombs like a bridge or abandoned lot.

4) Bring your calendar when you come
We'll be scheduling:
- 4 daytime plantings (usually during the afternoons on the weekend between May 9 and June 30)
- seed bomb making day (usually a sunday in April)
- seed bomb throwing night (usually a thursday)
- 1 night planting (usually summer solstice)

Can't wait.
I'll be sending out an announcement to the mailing list once I get a room reserved.

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