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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bike Gardens

Back in June I met someone with what looked like a bandage on their bicycle. Was the bike hurt?! To my amazement, the gauze contained seeds and this person was using their bike as a mobile seed-starting space. WOW. I should put this on the GG blog, I thought, and then never did.

I've just been reminded about it though, and have found a couple of resource pages with instructions on how to start a Bike Garden!

Step 1: Starting seed sprouts on your bike frame

You'll need:
- Cheese Cloth
- Sprouting Seeds
- Safety Pins
- Water
- A bike

Step 2: Making a bike basket planter

You'll need:
- A bike with a front basket on it
- Cheesecloth
- Lots (20-ish) of large safety pins
- 4+ twist ties
- Soil
- Plants or Seeds

The great thing is, you can invite people to help themselves to free edibles or flowers when you leave your bike parked. This could also be a good way to do some guerrilla gardening when you're out and about...transfer a flower here and there, and keep growing more.

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