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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Downtown Planting - Awesome Success

Wow - what a success it was.

We arrived around 10:45am and there was already a huge pile of mulch, 5+ bags of dirt and enough plants to finish the downtown garden (and some leftovers for next week). The donation was accompanied by a note from some secret donor signed "The Guerilla Nursery". We aren't sure who this is but we want to send out a HUGE thank you for dropping off the goods. We took you up on your offer and left some "garbage" for you to pick up again. THANK YOU!!!

Another huge thank you to the garden centre at Queen and Greenwood that donated a bunch of bushes and some annuals and perennials, as well Susan from the Perth Dupont Community Garden who gave us some wonderful plants as well.

The area is a little rough around the edges but the residents love their neighbourhood and I bet, of all the gardens we planted this year, this one get adopted by the community.

The residents have been lobbying the city to do some landscaping on the corner so if anyone sees the city working there, please email or and let us know so we can go by and encourage them to transplant the plants we've already put there.

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