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Monday, May 4, 2009

Seed Bombing Success

Wow!! We had a great turn out for seed bombing on Sunday and we were quick about it too so everyone got to get out and enjoy the lovely afternoon.

Big thanks to Andy B for bringing all the supplies and seeds, the gang from the junction who were first timers, Doug for cutting all the bags, the coordinators for helping to keep it going, Ania for taking fab pictures and everyone else who lent a helping hand.

Also big thanks to the 519 Community Centre for lending us the room

So now we have to decide where we are going to seed bomb. Unfortunately this Thursday looks like rain - 80% chance - so we'll delay the bombing by a week. I'll send out a note to the mailing list and also ask for suggestions again.

The best seed bomb location:
- would be somewhere fairly central - remember we are getting together at 7pm
- would be reachable by transit
- might be a couple of crappy looking spaces close by so we could hit more than one if we have time
- might be a railway corridor or abandoned lot or both

email me if you have any suggestions - pictures would make it even easier to pick.


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