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Monday, May 11, 2009

Seed Bombing and West End Planting

When - Thursday May 14 at 7pm
Where - Meet at the corner of King E and Queen E right at the bridge over the Don River. We'll attack the empty lots there and then head south to the Port Lands to bomb! If you are late, head West on King and South on St.Lawrence, West on Eastern and south on Cherry to hook up with us.
Who - Just bring yourselves & all your friends
What - Bring warm gloves, your camera, and your bike if you have one - if not there will be walkers.

Look at this... it needs our help!!!

When - May 16th at 11am
Where - Meet at Dufferin Station at 11am to head over to the location together. Ian and I will be holding plants to identify ourselves. If you can't come until later please join us at the planting location at Bloor and Russett (one block West of Dufferin Station) where we will be digging up a storm.
First we'll have to get rid of some of the long grass that's taken over the place.... then we'll plant.
What - Bring plants (preferably perennials but annuals are lovely too), garbage bags, your trowels, shovels, picks, diggers and grass clippers, work gloves if you need them. Water (for the plants), mulch and compost will be provided. We love it when people take photos so please bring your cameras too!
Who - You and your friends, relatives, family... anyone who wants to plant!

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