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Sunday, May 31, 2009

East End Planting - HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Oh my goodness... just when I thought it couldn't get better than the west end planting the east end planting kicked some nasty public spaces butt.

Huge thanks to Saskia and Aaron who brought all the stuff we needed... including plants, tools and manure too. We even were able to paint the construction hording a much nicer solid colour which makes the garden stand out even more.

We started out by flipping all the grass between the side walk and the hording and then a little garden planning from our two landscape engineers!

A couple of us started painting and then the fun began... digging, planting, watering, mulching... we even went as far as strategically placing some large rocks and edging the garden with left over pieces of concrete.

Everyone got into it - there were grass separators, and diggers and planters.... Everyone pitched in.

And even some kids and their parents showed up - Guerilla Gardeners of all ages.

In the end it looked absolutely fabulous... I walked by with my dog this morning and someone had come by and propped up the hording which was falling down. Whoever that was - THANK YOU!!!

Huge thanks as well to the Toronto Outdoor Club participants who have come by on the last few occasions... we are happy to have you helping out.

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  1. Hi Toronto Guerilla Gardeners!

    Great job everyone! I live at the top of Caroline Ave. and was pleasantly surprised to see your handywork beautifying the bottom of our street, on Eastern Ave.

    Thank you!